The Foundation occupies a five-storey building in the 8th District of 6 October City. The building includes the following facilities :
The first floor includes :
  • Office of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
  • A meeting room
  • Administrative offices for :
    • The general manager
    • The accounting department
    • Administrative affairs
    • Child psychologist
    • Social worker
  • Medical Clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Stores
The second, third and fourth floors : 
They are allocated for the foster home. Each floor consists of two flats; each flat has three bedrooms, a large hall and a kitchen. All flats are well-furnished. 

The Library 
The library is located on the fifth floor. It has a large collection of children’s books?both in Arabic and English languages. It has also a variety of educational and computer games. There are also books on educational, and developmental psychology for the use of foster mothers.

The Garden
The building is surrounded by a large garden which has nicely-arranged flowerbeds, and a large lawn ‘grass area’. There is also a large play area for the girls fitted with swings and slides.

The Swimming Pool
The back garden has a medium-size swimming pool for the use of the girls under the supervision of qualified personnel.

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