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About MUST

MUST History

Misr University for Science & Technology (MUST) is the first private university established in Egypt with nearly 20,000+ students. Since 1996, MUST has been recognized for effectiveness and notability of its academic programs as well as the success of its sustainability efforts. Must is well known for its dedication to excellence.

MUST is a nationally recognized technological university administrating a remarkable process of education and securing a highly-ranked research and scholarships in various fields. 

MUST enjoys full legal recognition by all educational authorities In Egypt and is authorized to grant B.A, B.S, M.A, M.S, and Ph.D. degrees in different fields of study. All our programs at MUST have been accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt.

MUST is an active member of the Association of Arab universities, the International Association of university Presidents and the Association of African Universities.

Local and International Linkages

International linkages are critical for innovation as they provide powerful learning opportunities and support innovation processes. Not only this, they also expose students to the real world and its diversity.
Consistent with its philosophy in linking its education and research activities with renowned and reputed, comparable organizations and through a well-planned program for undergraduates studies, MUST adopts an active and persistent policy of interaction with these local and international organizations allowing for further developments in student curricula and establishing strong ties with academia and industry alike.
Office of International Linkages is a unit under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. This office is mandated to identify and explore areas of cooperation and linkages with foreign and local institutions. It promotes academic collaboration with local and foreign universities in the form of student and faculty exchange, joint research, publication exchange, conference sponsorship and other various academic activities. The office is also engaged in the initiation, planning, implementation and monitoring of linkage activities.


Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the learning process of our youth to achieve excellence on social, educational and professional levels. The university aims at altering lives of its students and contributing to the process of education in society as a whole, creating knowledge and, more importantly, seeking distinction. We share the belief that students’ social and educational enhancement emerges when they apply their knowledge. We are committed to delivering the best education experience through expanding imagination of the students, cultivating lifelong learning, and promoting respect for diversity. At MUST, we provide access to higher education opportunities that enable students to achieve the knowledge and skills needed for the job market at actual. We strive to enhance youth capabilities through our distinguished learning environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is striving to be a leading international institution and maintaining our notable status in research and education where all our students have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential in order to participate in, and contribute to, all life aspects. Aiming towards excellence in its field, MUST was an institute that was born strong and self-motivated to grow into a unique organization and fill the gap in the field of higher education in Egypt aspiring for future expansion all over the Middle East. We seek to ensure that every student acquires various community needs through the use of technology and innovation. At MUST, we provide students with an exceptional educational experience to help them reach their chosen careers. Our up-to-date curricula guide students towards a better-planned future and prepares them to lead successful lives full of achievements.


Thanks to the (late) Doctor Souad Kafafi, we now have the university as she is the main founder and she established the first Board of Trustees in 1996 till 2004. Currently, Mr. Khaled El-Toukhy is the chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Mr. Khaled Altoukhy

Chancellor, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Misr University for Science and Technology has been founded by virtue of the presidential Decree NO.245/1996. Then university was founded by a group led by the late prof. Dr. Souad Kafafi. The founders believed in the importance of private higher education. They were focused on human development which they understood to be the route to achieving development in all other fields in Egypt as well as the rest of the region.

The university uses the credit hour system to allow the students to develop independent personalities as done in internationally renowned institutes. The students are free to choose programs and specializations to suit their own aptitude and talents for the good. This system helps stimulate thinking and self study in students that paves way for creativity and self development by the means of modern technology and exploiting it to develop much needed skills

The university realizes that scientific research is imperative for success in any sector and has gathered several outstanding researchers as well as modern equipment that are able to carry through the type of research that is needed to benefit the society the most.

The university maintains a group of service centers to include the society in its progress and activities by providing services to the general public in all fields.

The value that this institution places in knowledge is because of the belief that knowledge not only liberates the mind but also paves way to innovation in every sector, therefore, creating the new generations’ capability of self progress and prosperity.

Professor Dr. Souad Kafafi, Ph.D

Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) is one of the major private universities in Egypt. The university is a major educational institution and a national resource of the country. The university serves through its central campus in the six of October city.

The university was founded with the core purpose of high-quality academic teaching, research, and public service in order to build the capacity of individual students and help them develop enlightened and critical thinking, understanding, and the capacity to act on these values. The university was founded to shape society as well as individuals via the dissemination of knowledge.

The university offers various degree programs in undergraduate as well as post-graduate levels in both liberal arts as well as science.

University’s activities are mainly focused on research to participate in the generation’s advancement of knowledge and to prepare mature scholars. Able students are offered the opportunity to select from a wide spectrum of lifelong learning needs via the university’s programs and find multiple new approaches & solutions to contemporary problems.

The university is a representative of the human commitment to the betterment of the world at an international scale and this objective is delivered through its exploration of new ideas and preparation of its students as quality citizens.

MUST Values & principles


MUST enjoys a position of influence, as an educator and employer in the region, nationally and internationally.  Recognizing that with privilege comes responsibility and duties, the Code of Ethics MUST adopts, describes how those responsibilities are fulfilled.

This Code articulates the overarching framework of ethical principles that govern MUST community. Its principles underpin all University policies and our approach to partnerships with other institutions. The code applies to all MUST University activities undertaken by all staff, students and individuals acting on behalf of the University or in the name of the University including those who hold an honorary status with the University. Former employees who have been conferred privileges at the University, for example, Emeritus Professors, also abide by these principles.

MUST is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and to upholding the public’s trust. This Code of Ethics forms the ethical principles that guide all members of the university community in all decisions and activities. These principles are:

  • Respect: We nurture a climate of care, concern, fairness, and civility towards others while recognizing and embracing each individual’s dignity, freedom, and diversity.
  • Honesty and Integrity: We act and communicate truthfully and candidly. We uphold the university’s values and make decisions based on general welfare, conducting ourselves free of personal conflicts or appearances of impropriety and self-dealing.
  • Communication: We openly share information with all stakeholders regarding the processes used in creating policies as well as making decisions for the university.
  • Stewardship: We use university resources in a wise and prudent manner in order to achieve our educational mission and strategic objectives, not for personal benefit or gain.
  • Excellence: We conduct all university affairs diligently, exercising due professional care and strive to meet the high expectations we have set for ourselves as well as the expectations of those we serve.
  • Responsibility and Accountability: We are trustworthy and answerable for our conduct, decisions and obligations and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures. We recognize our obligation to report unethical conduct to appropriate authorities.

Institutions affiliated with the university