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It is a global university system adopted by many universities to manage the data concerning university students and faculty members through the internet service.

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About Banner System

The system offers the following services to the students:

By using the system, the student can register the assigned subjects along with applying the add and drop system. In addition, he/she can get the final grades as well as the academic records. Furthermore, modifying personal data such as phone numbers or addresses is available through this system.

In case the student wants to communicate with the professor who is assigned to each university subjects, the system gives him/her the opportunity to do so.
Moreover, the student can know the fees and bonuses on a regular basis by using this system.

The system provides the following services to faculty members:

The university professor can obtain all the lists of students who are registered in different departments and subjects and post the term work marks and the final grades for each student. He / She may additionally apply the academic advising system and edit personal data such as phone numbers, addresses, etc.